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Harvest Time at Cantref Adventure Farm

Harvest Time at Cantref Adventure Farm
30th March 2021
Summer is here and the sun is shining.
Farmer Ken has been busy making the "silage". Silage is a good quality and nutritious food perfect for our cows and sheep which you can see on our children's farm, to eat through the winter...yum,yum!  Even our pony trekking horses love it.
Do you know how silage is made?.....It is a form of conserved grass made by farmers during the summer months when the grass is green, plentiful and not required for grazing.
First Farmer Ken mowed the long grass and fluffed it up to let sun dry the lush grass a little. Next Farmer Ken on his tractor just like the one you ride on our tractor and trailer rides, made nice neat little rows with the grass ready for the Big Baler to gobble up the grass and squish the grass into big round bales and then cover in plastic to keep for the winter.
Want to learn more about how to be a mini farmer?.....Visit Cantref Adventure Farm for a fun filled family day out with the kid's in South Wales.

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