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UK National Farm Attraction of the Year 2016

UK National Farm Attraction of the Year 2016
30th March 2021

We are very pleased to announce that we have won the UK National Farm Attraction Award for 2016!

The UK National Farm Attraction Network (NFAN) is a forward thinking organisation that was started in 1996. NFAN has been instrumental in helping to develop the Industry Code of Practice, which provides guidelines on how visitors to farm and rural attractions should interact with animals. The organisation also helps to share knowledge and best practice among the UK Network of Farm Attractions.
The NFAN Awards are held annually and provide an opportunity for the farm attraction industry to showcase their ‘best in class’ attractions.
Cantref Adventure Farm has won the category for the best UK National Farm Attraction 2016 for the under 75,000 visitors.
This is a great reward for our staff who have worked very hard over the last few years with continued focus upon customer service, creating all round fun experience for the whole family.

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