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Lessons Terms & Conditions

1.  Batch lessons must be paid for on the specific date specified. Batch lessons and total cost are determined by the number of weeks to each term.
2.  No lessons will take place without payment.
3.  Once lessons are paid for they are not refundable except in extreme circumstances or road conditions. This will be determined by Cantref Riding Centre.
4.  Customers who are unable to attend lessons due to an outside circumstance with no relation to Cantref Riding Centre will not be given a refund and the lesson cannot be carried over to the next batch. This also means that they cannot be moved or altered to fit around holidays etc in the present batch.
5.  Stable management lessons are part of the package.
6.  All prices are stated and cannot be altered without management authority.
7. Adult batch lessons must be taken weekly or fortnightly over a 4 week period.
8.  We reserve the right to cancel or alter lessons at short notice.
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