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New Arrivals - Meet the Alpacas

New Arrivals - Meet the Alpacas
23rd May 2024

New Arrivals at Cantref Adventure Farm!

We're thrilled to welcome our three new furry (and oh-so-fluffy) friends to the Cantref Adventure Farm family - Bournville, Dairy Milk, and Dream!
These handsome alpacas are 5-year-old gelded males, and they bring a whole lot of cuteness and charm with them. They've settled in beautifully and are already enjoying exploring their new home.
Fun fact: Bournville, Dairy Milk, and Dream originally came from a farm near Birmingham, where they had a special job – being led by young people with special education needs to help improve their well being through interaction with nature and animals. 
We can't wait for you to meet them during your next visit to Cantref Adventure Farm. They're sure to steal your hearts (and maybe a few sneaky head scratches)!

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