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Duke of Edinburgh Riding Expeditions on Horseback

Cantref Riding Centre has been running Duke of Edinburgh expeditions on horseback for the past 20 years. We cater for those doing bronze, silver and gold expeditions. We provide you with:
Before an expedition goes ahead, participants need to show us that they have the required level of horsemastership to be able to complete the expedition safely and successfully. This can either be assessed on a training weekend or for a couple of days prior to the actual expedition.
Each party can take up to 7 people but there is a minimum requirement of 5 needed. Please note that it is the participant’s responsibility to contact their Local Operating Authority for permission to do your expedition at Cantref, organise an assessor and to organise a qualified supervisor. Please note that terms and conditions apply.
If you are interested in receiving the full information pack regarding Cantref Riding Centre then please email or ring 01874665223

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