Frequently Asked Questions regarding Duke of Edinburgh expeditions at Cantref

So what exactly does Cantref provide?

We are providing you with facilities to carry out your expedition - the horses, horse equipment and organising the campsites. The rest is up to you!

How do we carry all the equipment?

All the equipment is carried by horse. We will show you how to pack the horses when you come for your practice ride. Grooming kits, spare numnahs and anything else for the horses will be transported to the campsite where the horses are staying - this equipment does not need to be packed. We strongly recommend that all items are put into waterproof bags.

Help! We can’t find saddle bags!

We have saddle bags which you can hire. This is a down payment of £50 per bag. If the bag is returned in the same condition then the £50 is returned. A daily hire charge of £3.50 is made per bag. The easiest way to damage a saddle bag is when going through gateways!

Who organises the assessor?

YOU! It is your responsibility to notify your Local Operating Authority that you wish to do an expedition at Cantref. You can either bring an assessor from your own Operating Authority or get in touch with Brecon Awards Panel to arrange an assessor.

How do I know if I am a competent rider?

We are looking for someone who is comfortable walking, trotting and cantering OUTSIDE of the riding school i.e out on hacks. Whilst out on an expedition you will not be expected to go any faster than a trot due to the amount of equipment which you are carrying. Although our horses are very quiet they can be unpredictable. Riders must feel confident when riding - we do not want them worrying about the riding when they should be concentrating on the map reading! A good guide to this would be that you are at Pony Club level C or BHS Stage 1 standard at least.

So do I need to be fit?

We strongly recommend that you do some fitness training prior to your expedition. Stamina is essential as they days can be long. we carry on in the rain?

Yes we do! It is only extreme weather conditions that will stop the ride going ahead and this will be determined by a member of Cantref Riding Centre.

Can we bring our own horses?

Due to the terrain that the expeditions take place over we only allow our own horses and ponies to be used. With over night stops being part of the expedition we need to ensure that horses and ponies get on with each other!

More information is available in the handbook. CLICK HERE to request a copy.


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