Chinchilla Bath Time

Chinchilla Bath Time

Animal Bath-time fun....

Come and see our Chinchillas having fun doing roly polys in their sand bath, this show is hilarious to watch and it's the chinchilla's favourite time of day.

Our entertainment team at Cantref Adventure Farm will tell you lots of interesting and fun facts about the chinchillas during this entertaining animal show.  You will also get the chance to feel what a beautifully soft velvety coat the chinchilla has.

Here are some interesting chinchilla facts for you:-

Chinchillas are very clean animals and dislike getting dirty in any way.  In its native environment, the chinchilla would roll in fine volcanic ash to stay clean. A dust bath helps our Chinchillas to stay clean, happy with a naturally shiny coat.  The chinchilla is a nocturnal animal which lives in the South American mountains.  At night these areas get very cold which is why the chinchilla has such a thick coat.  Did you know that because the chinchillas fur is so thick they mustn't get wet or they might catch a chill!  Our chinchillas at Cantref are standard grey but you can get a variety of colours from white, beige, tan, sapphire, black and violet.


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